Recruitment Data Privacy Terms and Conditions

Welcome to JUMO World’s Recruitment Data Privacy Terms and Conditions

1. In order to operate the JUMO recruitment site, Jicama 311 (Proprietary) Limited t/a JUMO, its subsidiaries, affiliates, departments, businesses partners, service providers, and contractors (“JUMO”) may collect, store, process and utilise the personal and special personal information, as defined by the South African Protection of Personal Information Act No.4 of 2013 (“POPI”) that you submit to it via the site.

2. The online recruitment website is provided and hosted by JUMO and its third-party supplier. By submitting your personal and special personal information, you are consenting to JUMO storing and using it in accordance with the terms contained in the recruitment data privacy terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are subject to change and any changes made to these terms will be indicated on this page. The continued use of this recruitment site indicates that you agree to such changes.

3. Some information supplied via the website is mandatory and is necessary in order for JUMO to consider an application for a vacancy or meet its statutory monitoring and reporting responsibilities however where indicated, some information is optional, and a candidate may choose not to complete that information field.

4. JUMO may automatically receive and store certain types of information whenever you interact with this website. The information is used to monitor website traffic and to assist with the navigation and user experience of the website.

Information JUMO will automatically receive includes, requested Uniform Resource Locator (“URL”), Internet Protocol (“IP”) address (this may or may not identify a specific computer), domain name from which you access the internet, referring URL, software (browser/operating system) used to access the page, date and time pages were visited.

5. Personal and special personal information is collected to facilitate the recruitment process and used for anonymised reporting purposes. Information supplied as part of an application is stored in the system and will be made available to an applicant to ‘reuse’ as part of a future applications.

6. JUMO utilises the services of a third-party supplier to hold and store the information that is submitted. The third-party supplier may be located in another jurisdiction which may require information to be transferred cross-border. Third-party suppliers are required to comply with JUMO’s security policy and standards for data protection and data supplied through the recruitment website will not be shared with parties other than JUMO.

7. Information that is supplied to JUMO will be held on a third-party supplier’s computers and servers in the United States if America. They may provide support services to Jump or on JUMO’s behalf.

8.In the event that an application results in an offer and acceptance of a position at JUMO, information will be sent to and held on the JUMO employee database.

9. JUMO is the data controller of recruitment data supplied through the website. Personal and special personal information will only be collected and/or processed by JUMO in accordance with the POPI Act.

10. Except as set out in these terms and conditions or as required by law, personal information will not be provided to any third party without prior written consent of the data subject.

Data Protection Statement

11. Personal data that is provided in an application or as part of the recruitment process will only held and processed for the purposes of the selection processes of the JUMO and in connection with any subsequent employment or placement, unless otherwise stated.

12.By submitting your personal information and application and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you:

  • i. declare that you have read, understood and accepted the statements set out in this recruitment data privacy terms and conditions;
  • ii. are declaring that the information given in the application is complete and true to the best of your knowledge, and understand that deliberate omissions and incorrect statements could lead to your application being rejected or to your dismissal;
  • iii. are giving your consent to the processing of the information contained in this application and any other personal data you may provide separately in the manner and to the extent described; and
  • iv. are authorising JUMO to verify or have verified on their behalf all statements contained in this application and to make any necessary reference checks.

Data Retention

13. Unsuccessful application information will be held within the recruitment system for a period of two years before being deleted in order for applicants to access and re-use data for future applications. Successful applicant data will be deleted after a period of seven years.

Access and Correction of Personal Information

14. Successful and unsuccessful candidates are entitled to access personal information that JUMO holds about them and are entitled to request JUMO to update, correct or delete their personal information upon reasonable grounds.

15. An applicant may object to the processing of their personal information by JUMO at any time during the recruitment process, he/she may request that JUMO destroy any personal information currently in our possession. JUMO will take all reasonable steps to confirm an applicant’s identity before providing details of their personal information or making changes to their personal information.

16. Should a change to personal information not be possible, applicants should contact to request changes to their information.